Model Block Initiative

An integrated, comprehensive approach.

Lincoln Road MODEL BLOCK


  • Construction of 7 affordable homes for first-time homebuyers on vacant lots
  • Rehabilitation of existing owner occupied homes
  • Beautification: street trees, mailboxes, landscaping, exterior façades, landscaping
  • Infrastructure improvements: street resurfacing, traffic calming, attractive street lights
  • Resident leadership training
  • Financial literacy & homebuyer counseling
1028 Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road Model Block

Why is this Community a Priority?

Coleman Park stands out in terms of concentrations of substandard housing, low owner occupancy, vacant lots, and blight intersecting with concentrations of minority populations. While neighboring communities flourish with new businesses and increasing property values, this underserved community continues to experience disinvestment.

Based upon the broken window theory, Neighborhood Renaissance in partnership with residents and the City of West Palm Beach targeted a Model Block Program for Lincoln Road to include new homeownership opportunities on vacant lots, rehabilitation of owner occupied homes, beautification and code enforcement. The goal of a concentrated effort on this one block is to eliminate blight, increase homeownership, and contribute to the economy by bringing more working families into the neighborhood.

Over the past two years, our Community Organizer engaged long-term residents as well as new homeowners in leadership training by facilitating dialogue focused on bringing neighbors together to share different views, ideas, and experiences. In the process, they developed leadership skills, built stronger relationships and learned the importance of working together, which is necessary for any long-term change to occur. These efforts have resulted in a shared vision and resident led action plan for the betterment of their neighborhood.


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Lincoln Road Model Block
Funding Partners

  • City of West Palm Beach: Donated 4 lots & committed $548,780 in HOME funds
  • Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin County: $105,000
  • Lost Tree Foundation: $85,000
  • Quantum Foundation: $180,000 over 3 years
  • Publix Charities: $12,500 over 2 years
Model Block Homeowner Geraldine Cheney


Ms. Cheney began looking for a new home in 2018 and faced many challenges during this process. One of these challenges was looking at different townhouses and placing an offer on one; however, another person outbid her, which began making the process quite stressful along with high HOA fees. Ms. Cheney’s realtor introduced her to Neighborhood Renaissance, which presented better opportunities for becoming a homeowner.

Working with Neighborhood Renaissance was a positive experience for Ms. Cheney. Once the process began, the Renaissance team explained everything in detail and were patient and understanding, which allowed Geraldine to feel more comfortable. They provided her a seamless income certification process that led Geraldine on the path to owning her new home.

Geraldine is the first owner of a brand-new home in the Lincoln Road Model Block community located in Coleman Park and is eager to begin a new chapter. One exciting aspect of becoming a new homeowner is decorating the home, which will give it a personal touch. “Being able to pick out the colors of my house, the appliances, tile, and cabinets, made this even more exciting,” said Ms. Cheney. Driving by each day and seeing the progress of the home was a great feeling for her.

Ms. Cheney is looking is forward to reconnecting with Coleman Park residents and building friendships. Once she is moved-in and settled Geraldine has hopes of installing a swing on the front porch and adding a fence. The inside décor is pale gray and will have light blue kitchenware. Geraldine loves flowers and intends to plant a few gardenia trees and roses surrounded by white rocks. She works for a local transportation system.