Neighborhood Building Initiative

Northwood/Pleasant City


CLT home purchased by Janita Finley at 638 41st, West Palm Beach through the Northwood Lease/Purchase program.

Neighborhood Renaissance helped over 67 low and moderate-income working families to purchase their first home through a neighborhood building initiative that includes case management, one-on-one counseling, homebuyer training, and assistance with obtaining financing. Our Model Block program resulted in the substantial renovation and construction of 35 single-family homes, the rehabilitation of 14 properties and comprehensive neighborhood improvements for an investment of over $8.5 million in Northwood.   The Community Land Trust (CLT) program helped 10 low-income families to become homeowners and is assisting 5 very low-income families to achieve homeownership through a Lease-Purchase program.


New home owner – Janita Finley

Support from the JP Morgan Foundation provided post purchase counseling to the CLT homeowners and case management for 7 very low-income tenants to help them reach economic self-sufficiency.  The initiative also offers in depth services that include individual counseling sessions on household budgeting, credit repair, financial literacy and linkages to other social service providers. In the past year, we assisted over 150 low-income Northwood and Pleasant City residents through outreach, housing counseling and homebuyer training.  Among the successes is Janita Finley, a very low-income single mother who purchased her home after two years in the CLT lease-purchase program. The purchase was made possible by PNC Bank..