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Ontario Johnson:
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Covid-19 Rental Assistance

In partnership with TD Charitable Foundation, we leverage funds, community partnerships, and individual counseling to connect families and individuals with resources needed to prevent delinquency and eviction. This program directs support to our tenants, residents, and locals struggling to pay all or some of their rent due to the economic pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This assistance is available to residents of Palm Beach County who are struggling with rent payments due to a loss of income as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Applicants must submit documentation and provide verification of their rental status. Recipients must also attend the Neighborhood Renaissance Money, Credit, Growth Financial Literacy Workshop or complete an individual financial counseling session. Additionally, Neighborhood Renaissance’s Covid-19 Relief Program includes services such as guidance and referrals to local resources.

By providing short-term monetary support and services such as financial literacy training, low-to-moderate income families can recover financially and prosper beyond these challenging times.

Thank you to TD Charitable Foundation for sponsoring life-changing assistance to residents of Palm Beach County.

CONTACT: Ontario Johnson, Community Organizer


ext. 107

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Download our Rental Assistance & Relief application and eligibility checklist:

Rental Assistance Program Eligibility and Application

Good evening Mr. Ontario, I would like to thank you along with Neighborhood Renaissance for referring me to where I was able to get approval for 4 months of rental payment. Not only will this help me currently get out my situation it will also assist me with getting back on my feet fully. Thank you so much.