Uplifting Neighborhoods through First-Time Homebuyers

611-39thUplifting Neighborhoods through First-Time Homebuyers 

West Palm Beach, FL – Neighborhood Renaissance, Inc. closed on the sale of a single-family home located on 39th St. in Northwood to first-time buyers Diego and Nelva.  The nonprofit development corporation constructed the 4 bedroom and 2.5 bath Florida style bungalow home in 2008 with assistance from the City of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County’s Dept. of Economic Sustainability.

Prior to purchasing their home, Diego and Nelva rented a small 2BR/1BA cottage in the same neighborhood for $1,300 per month where they lived for the past 3 years with their three children: ages 18, 6 and 1 years old. With the birth of their youngest son Jonathon, they quickly outgrew their cottage and began looking for a larger home.  The fact that they could own a home for less than renting, enticed them to become homeowners.  Because of low interest rates and Neighborhood Renaissance’s affordably priced home, their monthly housing cost as homeowners, including property taxes is about half of what they paid as renters.  This savings is helping the couple to support their oldest daughter’s college education who is attending Florida Atlantic University. Monica plans to become an anesthesiologist.


Neighborhood Renaissance is a community based nonprofit agency that builds strong economies and diverse communities in partnership with residents and local government by transforming neighborhoods by building quality homes that are within the financial reach of working families. It has helped over 115 low and moderate-income families to become first-time homeowners and has developed over 140 homes. 

Find out about other first-time buyer opportunities. Contact Lashea Brooks, 832-6776 ext. 103, lbrooks@neighborhoodrenaissance.org